Tuesday, September 4, 2018

After we released reliable multicast rmcast in 6-4, we now further strengthen our offering with the release of reliable netmap messaging rnetmap in release hmbdc 6-7

netmap as a kernel bypass driver provides excellent latency and throughput results, but it is only as reliable as UDP. (hmbdc already supports netmap in the hmbdc-netmap freeware)
hmbdc-rnetmap allows the user to take advantage of netmap's great performance (scalability, latency and throughput)  and grantee a reliability as the regular TCP.

Please download the binary performance measurement tools (no license needed) included in the binary hmbdc-base and hmbdc-net releases and use the command line (see 7.1 and 7.2) to test rnetmap's performance on your platform.

Unlike the freeware hmbdc-base, hmbdc-net, and hmbdc-netmap that are publicly downloable, rnetmap and rmcast require hmbdc-licensed package and a license from Hummingbird Code Software LLC to work. Please contact dev@hummingbirdcode.net for related questions and ask for lifetime free licenses.

PS, netmap driver itself is NOT contained in of any of Hummingbird Code Software released packages, please refer to netmap for download and installation instructions.


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