Freeware vs Licensed

Most functionalities offered by hmbdc is packaged in hmbdc-free freeware package, and most of it is just C++ headers. hmbdc-licensed package is dependent on hmbdc-free.

Here is what capabilities are free and what is not:


  •     interthread messaging(~200ns delay),
  •     interprocess messaging(ipc, ~200ns delay),
  •     UDP uni/multicast topic pub/sub messaging(udpcast, ~20us delay),
  •     TCP topic pub/sub messaging(tcpcast, ~20us delay),
  •     netmap topic pub/sub messaging(netmap, ~10us delay),
  •     other free high performance computing features: packet or message level sniffing, network link traffic arbitration, high speed async logging, timer, rate control ...

Needs a license, (please ask for a lifetime free license):

  •     4 - 64 threads powered broadcast Context for interthread and IPC communication
  •     tcpcast secure proxy (used for peer-to-peer messaging a WAN environment)
  •     reliable multicast (rmcast, as scalable as multicast, ~18us delay)
  •     reliable netmap (rnetmap, as scalable as multicast, ~10us delay)
  •     misc: BlockingContext used in CPU efficiency (power saving) env, time-reversed message dispatching

Annual License Pricing:

$1000 for every 5 hosts + $25 per active core


measure thread message throughput  measure reliable netmap (rnetmap) network message latencies on a 1Gb link (netmap driver needs...