Here is part of the code examples packaged with hmbdc-free release:

hello-world.cpp a first example for thread messaging

chat.cpp a simple chat application using tcpcast network pub/sub messaging

udpcast-sniff.cpp a multicast UDP packet sniffer that dumps full multicast UDP packet (payload bytes) including all hmbdc internal protocol bytes to stdout using the hmbdc arbitrating filtering feature

ipc-market-data-propagate.cpp   use hmbdc IPC to write a market data propagating application

server-cluster.cpp use hmbdc-mcast to write a simple scalable high performance client/server program

rmcast-cp.cpp use hmbdc-rmcast to copy a file into multiple hosts through the scalable reliable multicast


measure thread message throughput  measure reliable netmap (rnetmap) network message latencies on a 1Gb link (netmap driver needs...